Hartz Germany

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Hartz Germany

Harz Narrow Gauge Steam

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Hartz Germany

Frequently Asked Questions...

Should I tell my boss about the date I had with his wife?

My boss went out of town and asked me to take his wife out to dinner - just good company, friends, etc.

The problem is when we got home... there was this awkward chemistry between us - I thought we might even hook up. She went to fix us drinks, I went to the bathroom to urinate... that's when the problem started.

She found my heroin in my pocket (madman stuff, from the Hartz Mountains of Germany) and mistakenly thought it was cocaine. So she snorted it up her nose and immediately blacked out - death was almost certain.

I took her to my friend Lance's house and ended up giving her a shot of adrenaline directly to her heart which, luckily, caused her to wake up and snap out of it.

Anyway, everything is back to normal now, but do you think I should tell my boss what happened?


I wouldnt worry about it. He'll probably be made a gimp by some pawnshop owners and it won't be your problem.