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How to Help Your Child Get Over His or Her Phobia

Everybody is capable of feeling uneasy sometimes, regardless what gender and age, and no matter what social status; we all just become restless about different things in life. Healthy worries notify you of things that you should and should not be doing, and prevent you from attempting things that you know will be bad for you. Humanistic therapy theories claim that it’s good for children to experience anxiety on a healthy level so that they will be more able to handle the bigger stress and anxiety that goes with growing up. Humanistic Sandtray Therapy can help people reconnect to who they really are.

When people converse age appropriate fears, they bring up the fact that children develop fears and then get over them because they have outgrown these fears only to develop new ones which they will also outgrow in the future. A common kind of fear developed among toddlers is the fear and anxiety brought about by separation with parents, therefore the outburst when being left at school with other children. What’s significant is that your child’s anxiety can be considered age appropriate; for instance, it’s hardly appropriate for a teenager to still feel excessively anxious about facing other people except for their parents.

Many parents will find it hard not to be alarmed about their children’s phobias because no parent would want their child to be terrified by something they believe is fantasy. The thing is that most children do grow out of one fear only to have it swapped by another, and that’s perfectly okay, provided that the things that they fear are appropriate for their age. In isolation, phobias are the tprimary causes why parents often consult therapists and bring their children to therapy; some fears aren’t real phobias, though, and therapists can help you verify which is which.

For children who have developed unhealthy fears, its best if you can have a therapist check if it’s real phobia, and if it is, you can then delve into different kinds of therapies like play therapy to help your child get over it. You’ll be surprised at how play therapy can help your child get past his or her phobia; in play therapy, children will often play out symbols of their fears like giant spiders or a huge and terrifying stranger. It’s not like you can just agree to the therapist do all the work; nevertheless, your child will spend more time with you than with the therapist.

What’s also good about play therapy is that parents are encouraged by the therapists to join in the classes and play with their children so that they will realize what kind of activities will be compassionate of their children’s developments. If a child is afraid of the dark, screaming at him and ordering him to bed in a dark room will only aggravate the situation and gather more negative feelings on the experience of sleeping in a dark room more willing than prove the child that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. Trivializing your child’s feelings will get done nothing more than produce your child the feeling that you don’t take into account what they think or feel, and that you will not accept them if they are fearful of something.

Like any other type of fear, the only way to help your child overcome phobia is to help him or her manage it gradually until he or she knows that there’s nothing to fear from it. Take the phobia seriously because this is something that can really alter masses in your child’s life, and the changes have the potential of robbing away some of the most precious moments of your child’s life.

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