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Transform Your Guest Room Into A Nursery

The doctor has just confirmed the home pregnancy test. In seven months there is going to be a new baby. This is going to make some changes necessary at your home. The first step is finding a room that can be converted into a nursery. For many couples, the most logical choice is the guest room.

It may not take a lot of work to convert the guest room into a nursery. Some of the furnishings may be useful for the baby. Dressers, some chairs and lamps can sometimes be reused. Everything else will need to be moved out and placed in storage, donated to charity or sold.

Once the room is emptied, take a good look at it. Will the floor covering from the guest room work, or do you need to replace it with new carpets? Look at the walls. Can you use them as they are or will you need to repaint? It is easier to take care of these needs before adding any furniture back into the new nursery.

What are some things that will be needed in a nursery?

The first step is adding a bed. When shopping for a new bed, take time to look at the beds that convert from baby bed into a toddler bed. These will give you more use. When considering used beds make sure that they are safe and sturdy. Many older beds do not meet modern safety standards.

Pick up a Philips baby monitor in order to keep an eye on your baby when you are in other parts of the house. Being able to monitor the baby without having to constantly open and close a nursery door makes the job much easier.

Babies need lots of clothing and diapers. While a normal dresser can store some of these items, home storage cabinets work very well in the nursery. The cabinets can be attached to the walls to prevent the baby from pulling them over on him as he becomes a toddler. As the child grows, the cabinets can become storage for all the toys that will become a part of your life.

Since you will no longer have a guest room, you may want to make provisions for overnight guests by purchasing a sleeper sofa or an air bed. Having a new baby almost guarantees that out of town grandparents will want to visit for a sleepover.

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