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Educate Yourself In The Art Of Living

Communication Arts Magazine

It may sound corny, but really life is a great teacher. It presents to us many varied forms of lessons that will keep on repeating themselves until they are mastered. Many people have learned to go with the flow of life as fate twists and turns in every direction possible to keep us from stagnating into complacency.

As an alternative to rebelling against the lesson, searching for telltale signs as to what the feeling is really all about may be the answer to end all the episodes. The earlier it is dealt with the less difficult day to day living will be. Grab the disney scrapbook to write down observations daily. A sense of what is happening will emerge given enough time. Every thought and feeling recognized and accepted gives healing to the past so the present is lived more clearly.

Challenges that face us are usually things that haven't been worked out yet. It may have started in childhood. An experience when immature may seem too big for one to handle alone, but it is our own fear that needs to be dealt with.

An illustration of this is, a child may have been bitten by a little dog, not too savagely but enough to give a scare. Ultimately, the child has a fear of dogs. This childhood memory could build up into an emotional roller-coaster of fear that influences irrationally the behaviour and choices of the adult. Being aware of the learned feelings from that experience is a help, but, a balance of true feeling and thought needs to be unfolded. Being fearless is to let go of the memories and associated fears of the past and move through life in the present.

Using techniques that help a person relax can bring a focus to the mind that helps to purge unpleasant childhood memories and fears. Some of the techniques used by people are Tai Chi, transcendental meditation, any sporting or musical discipline. They all create focused, disciplined attention and can reveal thoughts and feelings from the past.

Thoughts tend to drop in at the oddest moments, like when watching a graphic lcd. This is an indication of being relaxed enough for sub conscious communications to come through. Writing them down means one can remain relaxed and be consistent in pursuing the communication through till the end.

Taking time off from working on the internal communication system, it is a good idea to pick up the alvarez acoustic guitar and play a little music. This is honey for the bee. Gentle feelings to support a growing self.

Communication Arts Magazine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Planned out classes?

I've decided to future plan my classes and need advice on wether these are good classes. I really want to go to a NYC college/university. And major in something flexible,business,fashion,communication ect.

I'm currently a freshman in high school taking..

Algebra 1
World History
US History
General Biology
Integrated Science
Intro lit & Comp
Software Application I
Cpr/First Aid

Planning to take Geometry && Major American Writers (H) over the summer.

Skipping Sophmore year..

Junior Year.

Chemistry I
AP English & Literature
Spanish I
Algebra II
Social Psychology
Art Photo I

semester 2:
Intro to enginering & design
Communication with advertising
Business Information Systems

Planning to take Spanish II over the summer

Senior Year

IB Spanish III
Communication skills
IB Psychology
Art Photo II
School Magazine
Ap Us Government & Politics

semester 2:
Art I

Are these good choices?


if you want something fashion or business oriented, take a business class or a fashion design/merchandising class istead of art or journalism. if its communications you want, take speech if its offered and journalism. Your sophomore year take an ap class if you can. the more ap classes you have on your transcript the more a college is going to want you. If you can, take an ap class your sophomore year so you can see what its like your junior year. if you score well enough on the ap exam, the college you enter will probably give you free credit hours meaning you wouldnt have to take a history class or english class (if you take ap english) or whatever. Your engineering/design class is more for people who are interested in designing cars or being automotive techs.

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